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Limes offers a large selection of high quality Metal Fuel storage, Fuel Tanks and Containers, civilian and military fuel jerricans, fuel can accessories, Trucks genuine spare parts , tool boxes and organizers, steel drums und barrels . . .

Global Exporter for Metal Fuel Cans & Accesssories


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Our Main Products

Civilian Cans
  20L Cans
10L Cans
5L Cans
Explosafe Cans

Military Cans
  20l Cans
Explosafe Cans

  Can Spouts
  Can Holders
  Can Adapters
  Can Seals

Metal Fuel Cans Pouring Spouts

  • With can pouring spouts you’ll be able to pour fluid easily from your jerrycans.

  • Pouring spouts ease can liquid pouring into different containers for instance vehicle or
    other technical device tank. Spouts support liquid pouring into containers with narrow opening.

  • Special spout breathing channel provides steady liquid pouring.

  • Each spout has an internal filter to protect charging tank from dirt and foreign bodies.


flexible Pouring


3100 Rigid pouring spout   3200 Flexible pouring spout
3110 Rigid pouring spout
with A clip and screws
  3210 Flexible pouring
spout with a clip and screws


3150 Rigid pouring spout
 with a clip and screws for 5L Cans


3250 Flexible pouring spout
with a clip and screws for 5L Cans

flexible Pouring Spouts





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